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Car Woes

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Nov. 12th, 2013 | 10:02 pm

My truck has been dead for about a year at this point and the roommate's car about 2 months. Because I am behind on rent and other bills, as usual, I could not afford to fix them so in the carport they sat and got dusty. Having to walk to work and rely on friends and chosen family to bring me to and from work sucked balls. They are awesome people and I am truly thankful but I REALLY hate asking for aid of any sort. That being said, my mother decided she was going to call my grandparents and ask them for me to get a bike for Christmas. Yes I was willing to take the bike and yes I was going to attempt to build up to the point that I could ride from College drive to Oneal lane, over 10 miles and I think I could have done it. Well grandmother would have nothing about that so he began plotting to get me a car, woohoo! I would pay him back for it, something like 20 bucks a month until forever, no big deal.

Aaand then my parents got into it... without contacting or conversing with me THEY decided that they would get the new car that gramps bought for me and I would get mom's car. Their reasoning was that I was used to her car, familiar with it. It's a 2001 with 141000 miles on it, the new is 2004 with 142000 miles on it, no big deal right? They said that they would pick up the note and pay for it and that they wanted the new car. I stupidly agreed because to be honest I had no idea what the new car was like, what year, make and model and what accidents it might have gotten into and all of that. She didn't even tell me this information until I asked once, no twice, no three times.

Me and mother take care of the title transfer on Saturday, we paid the fee half and half, had lunch dutch and she went on her way and I went home. The next day I awoke to a flat tire, filled it with air, no problem, did my errands and went home. Monday same deal, flat tire, filled it up, got the roommate off to work and immediately went to go get it patched. Well they couldn't patch it because it had been patched already FOUR times, at this point I'm a wee bit pissed at my father who patched it and failed, he didn't tell me that he had patched it THREE times. Of course I couldn't afford a new tire so I had them put on my spare and went home...to list my truck on Craigslist.

I took a power nap, I was pissy and upset and wanted to strangle people so I needed 'a moment'. I woke up a few hours later and was supposed to go to a friends house to clean it for cash/do my laundry but I got a phone call for someone to see the truck, heck yes come over! I got another phone call and an email and within three hours of me posting the truck I had cash in hand! Woohoo! Was it what I wanted no, was it a good deal for the both of us in the long run, yes so I'm not upset.

With this cash in hand I went to the bank and deposited it then hauled my ass back to the tire place and immediately purchased a tire and waited, and waited and waited. Finished my errands and went home to chillax. In between that time I had to meet my mother to give her back the license plate that she forgot to get from the car, she was too chicken shit to drive into town so I had to meet her on the outskirts, yay wasting gas!

Today happened without issues, got to work, got home, all good...then I got the phone call from the grandfather. He was also 'informed' that the new car was going to be the parents' car without any conversation or anything. Long story short I found out that he pays like 90% of my parent's bills and that they owe him so much money it is ridiculous. I will be paying him back for the car that my parents took from me, it is only right to him because they can't pay and it would be essentially him paying himself which is dumb.

I will be going to my grandparents home sometime in the next few weeks, chit chatting and plotting with them and then I will go to the parent's house and start selling off shit. The money will go to the grandparents, I will take a 10% fee for doing all the internet/listing work and it will be a win/win. Less clutter, less shit for them to look at and have to clean and more money back into the pockets of those who need it most. AND I want to get them into a home, to sell the house and whatnot. Dad is legally blind in one eye and yet he still drives!!! and mom's ailments are ridiculous. They need care.

I REALLLLLLY dislike bio family...

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(brain dead)

from: sttatus_quo
date: Nov. 13th, 2013 08:16 am (UTC)

My mouth fell open reading this. I can't comprehend that parents could do this to their child.

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(brain dead)

from: sweetlagoodgirl
date: Nov. 14th, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)

I am in shock that anyone would do this to their child. Wow. I'm so sorry. :-(

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