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Old WoD/M:tG

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 | 03:02 pm

for those who are interested, I am finally selling off my collection of old world of darkness books and magic the gathering cards. I desperately need the money and its an old tether that needs to be burned before I can move on in this time of my life. The books are on half.com and of course if you find the seller shortave that's me, of course I'll refund shipping if you end up buying it. The magic cards are going on craigslist once I get an actual count on how many I have and how many in each edition, those will be going for 1500 obo since I have several thousands of them along with boxes from fatpacks, lifecounters, multiple deck protecters and some books and inserts. Any questions email me at alvonina@yahoo.com Only took me 12 years to finally get rid of them.

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